What To Look For In A Plasma Cutter 

A plasma cutter is a must-have machine in every modern CNC shop. This industrial cutting machine works by blowing out inert gas from a plunger which then is ignited by electrical arch to generate hot plasma gas that aids cut through metals with unlike thicknesses. Plasma cutters are available in so many brands and types such that picking one that is right for your specific needs isn't easy. To get value for money when procuring a plasma cutter, there are certainly a range of things to be aware of.

Cut quality and the patent cutting capability are two identical aspects you must watch over when buying a plasma cutter. The best plasma cutting machine will efficiently cut through different metals leaving a clean and smooth cut. Based on the thickness of metals you regularly cut in your CNC shop, you should find a plasma cutter whose cut capacity is compatible with the thickness and size of metals you will be cutting. Learn more about Lotos plasma cutter, go here.     

Plasma cutters normally generate lots of dust and smoke when operating. The right machine should have the potency to withstand the extreme effects of the dust and smoke they generate when being operated. Plasma cutters are really expensive and it is not your wish to be spending lots of money on servicing and cleaning yours. That is the reason you must make sure you find the most appropriate plasma cutter that is durable and effective enough to operate efficiently for a long time without needing regular servicing. Find out for further details on the best 220v plasma cutter right here. 

The consumable lives of different plasma cutters differ. Certain cutters have lower consumable lives than others as they don't have the strength to withstand the messy working conditions they are exposed to for a long time. Others have modern high-tech features that enable them to operate efficiently for long time without needing regular servicing and maintenance. Your CNC shop needs a high-tech and efficient plasma cutter that will last for long which is why you should do your research to find a cutter that meets such requirements.

The utmost cutting speed of the plasma cutter is another important consideration. Read through the details provided by the manufacturer as to the number of metal inches the plasma cutter is able to cut in every minute in order to be absolutely sure of what machine to choose. When deciding on which plasma cutter to pick on basis of their cutting speed, you should remember that those with high amperage have high cutting speeds and are quicker when cutting through metals.