Understanding the Application of a Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutters are tools that are relatively easy to use for cutting steel. These cutters use an electrical arc of high voltage and compressed gas to cut steel. The electrical arc is usually generated by internal electrodes that ionize the gas that is passing through the nozzle, thus creating a concentrated plasma arc at the tip of the cutter.

When you are using the tool, the arc comes into contact with the working surface, thus making a heat circuit that melts sections that are less than 1.6 millimeters wide. The plasma flow has a force that blows the molten part from the piece being worked on, this creating cuts that are fairly clean but with little slag.  Here's a good read about plasma torch accessories, check it out! 

The arc of plasma usually travels at a maximum of speed of about 20000 feet a second with temperatures reaching a high of 16600 degrees Celsius. Light plasma cutters are portable and these can use 110 volts. The output can be between 12 and 35 amperes. In order to make sure that these machines are easy to use, they have in built air compressors. 

A large cutter uses a 220 volt system with outputs of about 50-80 amperes. You can use a hand-held model to cut conductive metals that have a maximum thickness of 1.25 cm. An industrial plasma cutter can be used to cut through metals that are 5 cm thick. For more useful reference regarding Ramsond CUT Plasma Cutter, have a peek here. 

When using a plasma cutter, you will benefit from the fact that the metal surface outside the area that you are cutting will remain cool. This will prevent damage to paint and warping that occurs when you are using a flame cutter. In addition, since it is one a thin area that is affected by the heat, you will be able to cut your metals to precision.

Plasma usually cuts at a speed that is around five times higher than your traditional torch. In addition, these cutters do not rely on gases that are highly flammable. Most cutters are good gougers, and these can cut through metals not only accurately but also quickly.

As a technology, plasma cutting is being used in manufacturing, and have spread to different areas. A locksmith can use a cutter to open a lock or a safe when you are out of options. Demolition specialists use plasma cutters to get rid of metal, thus no need for explosives. If you have any small metal work that you need done in your home, getting yourself a small cutter might be best for you.